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Without doubt the best thing about our church is Jesus Christ.

We are ordinary struggling Christians.

But the Jesus we trust and worship and speak about is something else. Jesus is beyond compare.

And Jesus is in our midst.


We were lost and did not know which way to turn.

Jesus found us.

We were once far away, without God and without hope.

Jesus brought us near.

We came to Jesus feeling dirty and he did not turn us away.

Jesus made us clean.


We'd love you to come along to our 10:00 am Sunday church service.

Come along if you, like us, have longed to be forgiven... to be clean... to be found... to be brought near to God.

What to expect:

You'll get a welcoming smile.

You'll find us singing about Jesus, praying to God in Jesus' name, and speaking about all that God has done for us through Jesus.

The Bible will be read. Someone will give a talk - explaining a part of the Bible and proclaiming Jesus – the One who meets our deepest need.

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 Mount Evelyn Presbyterian Church

Pastor Miles Fagan 
Phone: 03 9736 2019

Church Location
30-38 Birmingham Rd,
Mount Evelyn VIC 3796